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For those of you who do not want to or cannot download the interview on CBS This Morning, I have typed out the entire interview for your reading pleasure.  Please realize that these were kids being interviewed so some of what they say may not make sense.

CBS - Mark McEwen (The person conducting the interview)

CBS: ...where the comedy Big Daddy has been making some big noise at the box office. Adam Sandler stars as a thirty-something who's unwilling to grow up, finds himself taking care of a five-year-old orphan. Six-and-a-half (now seven) year old identical twins Cole and Dylan Sprouse share the role, they're acting veterans. But Big Daddy is their first feature film.

(Brief scene from the movie is now shown)

CBS: (Laughs at the movie clip) Dylan and Cole Sprouse join us this morning. Hey guys! McEwen, I'm the one who was in the middle, McEwen. First of all, tell me about this dog you got a new dog?

Cole: We got a brand new dog that woke up two of two babysitters at two o'clock in the morning...

Dylan: She heard this big bang going on on the floor...

Cole: Jumped four feet off the bed...

CBS: Wow!

Cole: Climbed back up, went on top of the pillow on one of the heads then went...

Dylan: All the way down to the bottom where...

Cole: Where the feet were and she was digging a hole.

Dylan: She tried to dig a hole like running around in circles like this (he demonstrates how the dog was spinning around and pretends to dig a hole).

CBS: I'm so glad I asked this question. Aren't I? I'm thrilled I asked this question. So what's your dog's name?

Both Boys: Olive.

CBS: Olive. So tell me about working with Adam Sandler. Was it fun being in Big Daddy?

Both Boys: Yes.

CBS: What was fun about it?

Cole: Well, we got to play after that, play football with Adam.

Dylan: Pinball...

Cole: And do cool stuff with him.

CBS: I here you do an impersonation, you do an imitation of Rob Schneider who's in the movie. Cole, could you do it for me, do you both want to do it for me? Let's see it.

Both Boys: Fish...Pony...Hip...HipHop...Hiphopanonomous...Damn you Sonny Koufax, you give him all the easy ones.

CBS: (laughs) That's pretty good. Austin Powers, let's see you do Austin Powers.

Dylan: I put the "grr" in swinger, baby! But, there's another version that Cole made up. I put the "grr" in swinger and they put the baby in the cradle.

CBS: (laughs) You made that up (gesturing towards Cole)?

Cole: Uh huh...I didn't really want to say it.

CBS: You didn't really want to say it? I don't blame you. So now that you...I mean do people ask you for autographs now Dylan?

Dylan: (Nodding his head) Lots!

CBS: Can you write "Dylan?" Do you know how to write your name?

(Dylan nods)

Cole: In cursive.

CBS: Yeah. You know, when you're in movies, a lot of girls like want to meet you after you're in a movie.

(Dylan nods)

Cole: I know and that's sick!

CBS: That's sick?

Dylan: Sick!

Cole: Like Adam says, love stinks.

CBS: Love stinks? Do you have a girlfriend? I hear you have a girlfriend (pointing to Dylan).

Cole: I do, I have a girlfriend.

CBS: You have a girlfriend?

Cole: And, it's my own TV.

Both Boys: I have a dream about my own TV.

CBS: (laughs) Now, have you seen Tarzan?

Cole: We've seen Tarzan.

CBS: What did you think of Tarzan?

Cole: Umm...Cool.

CBS: Cool? Did you see Star Wars?

Cole: We've seen Star Wars.

CBS: I told you that you guys were cooler than Jar Jar Binks you know that?

(Both boys nod)

CBS: Now, you watch Rugrats?

Cole: We watch Rugrats.

CBS: What do you like about Rugrats?

Cole: The little babies that crawl around and talk.

CBS: Do you watch "All That" on Nickelodeon too?

Both Boys: We watch "All That".

CBS: That's a great show. Isn't that a great show? That's a very good show.

Cole: My mom even likes it.

CBS: Your mom? You know, in the movie, the little boy says stuff. He says naughty words, and he just does everything. What would happen...what would your mom do if you did what the little boy in the movie did?

Dylan: Put us in time-out.

Cole: And send us up to our room.

Dylan: And she'll give, she'

Cole: Don't say it!

CBS: (laughs)

Dylan: No, Cole.

CBS: Say it. What was he going to say that you didn't want him to say?

Cole: Well, our parents didn't want us to say it.

CBS: Oh, they didn't want you to say it? Okay.

Dylan: And there''s not that one...there' um um...

CBS: Okay, I won't ask you any more about that. So what happens when you're older, like when you're ten. What are you going to do when you're ten?

(long pause)

Cole: Well...

Dylan: Play Pokemon.

CBS: Play Pokemon?

Cole: Whatever you did when you were ten.

CBS: You're going to do whatever I did when I was ten?

Cole: Well, what did you do when you were ten?

CBS: I was waiting for my first movie offer when I was ten, I never got one. Do your friends think its cool that you're in a movie?

Cole: Well, maybe you should have got a fax.

CBS: I should have got a fax?

Dylan: A job.

CBS: A job?

Cole: What's better a fax or a job?

CBS: I think a job. I was a newspaper boy when I was ten. Well, I tell ya, Dylan...

Cole: (looking at Dylan) Do we have to be a newspaper boy?

Dylan: Are you a weirdo? Cole, are you a weirdo?

CBS: (laughing) Cole are you a weirdo.

Cole: Oh, please stop bugging me in the name of the law.

CBS: Dylan, Cole Sprouse, you guys are as cool as you can be. Thanks for being on our show okay?

Cole: Wait!

CBS: Wait? (pause) Okay, thank you.

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