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Cool Collages

Special thanks to Kalixt for creating and sending these to me.  Please ask his permission before using them on another site.  They do not belong to me.  

Sprouse002.jpg (56316 bytes)        Sprouse003.jpg (51184 bytes)        Sprouse0041.jpg (55161 bytes)        Sprouse005.jpg (49478 bytes)            col6.jpg (53923 bytes)


col1.jpg (52720 bytes)        col3.jpg (46100 bytes)        col4.jpg (34564 bytes)        col5.jpg (39253 bytes)

 Click the above images to enlarge.

Windows Wallpaper

Instructions:  Click on the image below to enlarge it.  When the picture has fully loaded, right-click it and select "set as wallpaper."

Wall001.jpg (172981 bytes)