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Miscellaneous Pictures

These pictures are generally fairly large in size and will take a moment or two to download.  I wanted the highest possible quality when I scanned them.  

These pictures were featured in People Magazine.  The one on the left is very large and may take some time to download fully so please be patient.  These were scanned right from the magazine which is why the quality is a little lacking. 


Here are some autographed items I own that have the boys in them.  The left picture is a postcard signed by Dylan.  The others are signed by Adam Sandler.


The picture on the left features Cole and Dylan with fellow twins Lisa and Debbie Ganz.  The other picture was recently sent to me by my friend Rich and features him with Cole, Dylan and a few other friends in the Bahamas.  Dylan is the one wearing the red shirt.

            rich.jpg (88216 bytes)

Here is a picture of Cole and Dylan's dog, Olive.

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