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An Interview on the Regis & Kathie Lee Show - 8/18/99 (Not Live)

Regis:  They began their careers at the ripe-old age of one with the series "Grace Under Fire."  Now, they are making their feature film debut in Big Daddy.  Here they are, Cole and Dylan Sprouse!

(The boys walk out waving.  They shake hands with Regis and Kathie Lee and sit down)

Regis:  How are you doing guys?

Both Boys:  Good.

Regis:  How do people tell you apart I mean is there one distinguishing feature?

Cole:  Two.

Regis:  Two?  And what are they?

Kathie Lee:  (pointing to Cole) You've got a mole right?  On your little chin?   Yeah.

Cole:  (pointing at Dylan's nose) Yeah and Dylan has freckles and I lost four teeth.  Pulled them out with pliars.

Kathie Lee:  You haven't lost any teeth Dylan, have you lost any teeth yet?

(Dylan points to his two missing teeth)

Kathie Lee:  Oh, two.

Regis:  Yeah.

Regis:  Do you ever pretend to be the other one?

Dylan:  Yes, sir.

Cole:  We switched bathing suits at camp and mom said we couldn't...I couldn't go in the pool because I was sick and I went in the pool.  We changed...we changed clothes I had a bathing suit on and Dylan couldn't go in.  I went in and no one could tell me apart so I was swimming for a while.

Regis:  So you had a good swim?

Cole:  And then, they told me apart so...I got in big trouble after that.

Regis:  A ha.

Kathie Lee:  I bet, I bet.

Regis:  Are you having a good summer though?...

Kathie Lee:  You're movie stars now guys, movie stars!

Regis:  What was it like working with Adam Sandler huh?

Cole:  Great.

Regis:  Not that good, eh Cole?   It's fun but it's tough to make a movie isn't it?  Took a lot of work?

Kathie Lee:  What, three months in New York?

Dylan:  (looking at Cole) Three?

Regis:  She said did the movie go three months?  Is that how long you worked on the movie?

Cole:  I think four months.

Kathie Lee:  You know, when you're six-and-a-half, that's a long part of your life!

Regis:  Absolutely.

Kathie Lee:  Yeah!

Regis:  You had to move here to make the movie right?

(both boys stare at him blankly)

Kathie Lee: the director, he would decide which one of you to use in the shot?  Who's the better actor between the two of you?

Dylan:  I have to tell you guys something.

Kathie Lee:  Uh oh.

Dylan:  My mommy's boyfriend works Murder...a double...double part of Regis.

Regis:  He was my stand-in is that what you mean?

Dylan:  And Kathie punched him in the nose.

Kathie Lee:  He liked it at the time.

Regis:  I'm tired of taking those punches let him take it.  Well, say hello to him for me and tell him thanks a lot for taking that punch.  Now which one of you is the artist?  Dylan?

Kathie Lee:  Dylan.  Oh, Dylan that's the best ever.  Look at this. 

(Regis holds up a picture of him drawn by Dylan)

Both Boys:  That's funny!

Regis:  Dylan, I mean, I hope I'm a little better than that but....not much.

Kathie Lee:  That's terrific.

Cole:  Let me look at that...(Regis hands him the picture) that's funny!

Regis:  Thanks Dylan, I appreciate it.  Thanks a lot!

Kathie Lee:  Well, you guys are really cute, I want to see you in action now, in the movie ok?

Cole:  Ohhh...

Regis:  He just wants to show his dog first ok Kath?

Kathie Lee:  Oh, I'm so sorry.

Regis:  That's alright.  This is the new puppy that you got?  (Holding up a picture of the dog)

Kathie Lee:  Olive?  Awww...

Regis:  Now, who does the dog like better, you (pointing at Cole) or Dylan?

Cole:  Probably me because she always growls at Dylan.

Regis:  She can tell you apart right?  Right.  Alright good, have a lot of fun with that puppy.  Now, let's take a look at a clip from the movie alright?  You know what scene we're looking at here?

Cole:  Nope.

Regis:  Nope?  Alright.

Cole:  Oh, Kangaroo song.

Regis:  What's that?

Cole:  Kangaroo song.

Regis:  Oh, Kangaroo song.   Okay.

Kathie Lee:  Roll it.

Regis:  Take a look at Big Daddy.

(clip from the movie is now shown)

Kathie Lee:  Which one of you was that, which one of you?

Cole:  I did it.

Kathie Lee:  That was Cole.   Isn't that cute.

Dylan:  But I'm the one who mimics Adam Sandler.

Regis:  Let's hear that?

Dylan:  It goes like this.   "It's a big important's a big important game."  "You like hockey?...You like hockey?"

(Audience cheers)

Dylan:  How much wood would a wood chuck chuck if a wood chuck could chuck wood? (Pretends to be bouncing around on the ball like in the movie, stops, then gets that puzzled look on his face)

Kathie Lee:  That's unbelievable.

Dylan:  Then he says a bad word.

Kathie Lee:  Then he says a bad word.  Yeah.

Regis:  He was right on with Adam Sandler wasn't he?

Kathie Lee:  Right and he said then he said a bad word.

Cole:  And we can copy Rob so good.

Kathie Lee:  You can copy us?

Both Boys:  Rob...Schneider.

Regis:  Oh Rob Schneider.

Cole:  We memorized his lines.

Regis:  Just do one line like Rob.

Both Boys:   Fish.....Pony.....Hip....Hiphop.....hiphopononomous.  Damn you Sonny Koufax, you give him all the easy ones.

Regis:  Alright!  There ya go!

(commercial runs)


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