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Adam Sandler Interview

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This interview appeared right before Big Daddy was released.  I decided to type it out because some of the stories he has about the boys are pretty funny.   I didn't type the whole interview, just the relevant parts.

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Dave - So anyway, we're talking about the film "Daddy Boy" which opens...

Adam - Daddy Boy?!

Dave - Oh, is it not Daddy Boy?

Adam - Tommy Boy is Farley's...It's Big Daddy.

Dave - Oh, Big Daddy. I got confused with Waterboy.

Adam - Oh Waterboy...alright.

Dave - I hope you're not offended.

Adam - I'm not offended.

Dave - My apologies to you and your family.

Dave - Well, let's talk a little bit about...Boy oh boy, you have your work cut out for you now! You've got the Star Wars movie which made a billion dollars right out of the box. You've got the Austin Powers movie - a billion dollars right out of the box. Then, when you had the Waterboy movie, that was a billion dollars right out of the box. So now you're coming up with the Daddy Boy movie - do you think you have it in you? Do you think it's going to be a big hit? Are you nervous?

(Adam looks down looking like his feelings were hurt)

Adam - I don't know, if people pay for "Daddy Boy," I don't get any of that money! This is like a huge plug for the star of "Daddy Boy."

Dave - It's Big Daddy is the name of the show.

Adam - I know.

Dave - What's the matter with you? You know what it is!

Adam - I was so excited, I was like "that's a catchy one (referring to the name "Daddy Boy)!"

Dave - Now listen, uh...tell them about the movie, I mean describe it. You're trying to impress a young woman...

Adam - Yes, it's a man, similar to a young Adam Sandler, who's uh...afraid to move on with his life into adult responsibility. He has a girlfriend who is leaving him unless he grows up. And instead of showing his responsibility by getting a job or something, he adopts a little boy to say...but he expects that the girl will help him raise the kid, but she ditches him.

Dave - So, in the beginning, your character is a little cynical about the whole thing right? And then as the movie goes on, you start to realize that there is something to this fatherhood thing?

Adam - All I did was just say my lines, I have no idea.  (he laughs)

(Dave laughs hysterically)

Adam - We shot it...we shot it in New York...

Dave - Yeah, was it tough shooting in the streets of New York?

Adam - It was tough because of (Darn) White Castle everyday! I would do my scenes, than eat White Castle everyday...I started the movie at one weight and at the end, I was at another weight and you shoot a movie out of order so I was up and down. If you see the movie, there was a huge fluctuation but the one constant thing is I always sucked.

Dave - What's the matter? What happened to you?

Adam - All of a sudden, I hate myself.

Dave - Is it because of this "Daddy Boy" stuff?

Adam - YES!!

Dave - Oh, come on! Let's show folks a clip from Big Daddy. Now explain to them what they are going to see.

Adam (clears his throat) - Ladies and Gentlemen...uh...this clip is uh...I've got this boy here and I'm raising this boy. And, it turns out it's not going my character's way.

Dave - The kid's an actor right?

Adam - The kid's a cute actor...actually there's a twin...they're twins. They're both cute, they're both handsome.

Dave - Right, but they use twins is so you can work them around the clock right? Like four hours on, four hours off.

Adam - It's actually for their own safety too, you know, four hours with me and they're always crying and it's like "Bring the other kid in here!"

Dave - Did you get along well with the kids?

Adam - Hard to tell the difference between the two kids because their identical. It's Cole and Dylan, the two little kids...

Dave - Cole and Dylan?

Adam - Yeah, so I'm with these two little kids Cole and Dylan. And it took me about three weeks and I could tell the difference. I had a system. I'd say "fellas, you want a beer?" And they'd say "sure, I'll take a beer." And I say to one of them "what do you want?" And he says "I'll take a Michelob." And I'd say okay, Cole.

Dave - So that's how you could tell?

Adam - The other kid liked (some really strange beer name). It has extra alcohol.

Dave - Oh, extra alcohol, I see.

Adam - His thing was, he wanted to get buzzed quickly.

Dave - Alright, so now have we set up the clip? Have you explained it?

Adam - I think I said something...

Dave - Here we go, Big Daddy, Adam Sandler. Take a look.

(Clip from movie shows)

Dave - It looks like things are going pretty well! Alright Adam, nice job!

Adam - Thank you, thanks everybody!

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