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The Astronaut's Wife Interview

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Interview by Shelly Langman

Mrs. Lamgman: Boys, was it fun being in this movie?

Cole and Dylan: Yes ma'am.

Mrs. Langman: What would you say was more fun, Big Daddy or this movie?

Cole: Big Daddy because we are not in this movie a lot.

Mrs. Langman: Oh, you're not?

Cole: Kinda, but not really.

Mrs. Langman: Ohh, so what is the next movie that you will have a major roll in like you did in Big Daddy?

Cole: We don't really have any yet.

Dylan: Yes,, we don't know of any at the moment.

Mrs. Langman: Ohh. What are some scary parts about this movie, are there any?

Cole: Not that we are in.

Mrs. Langman: So, tell me, what is the movie basically about?

Cole: Well....Johnny Depp and Charlize Theron are a very happy couple but then Johnny (takes a deep breath) has to go to outer space and something goes wrong. He comes back an alien. Then...they find out that Charlize is expecting which is me and my brother.

Dylan: We come out as aliens.

Mrs. Langman: Wow! Your average sci-fi thriller huh?

(Cole and Dylan nod)

Mrs. Langman: Who are the co stars?

Dylan: Nick Cassavetes plays Alex Streck and Donna Murphy plays his wife Natalie.


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