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Big Daddy Interview

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Interview by Shelly Langman

Mrs. Langman: Was it fun being in the movie?

Cole and Dylan: Yes, ma'am.

Mrs. Langman: (laughs) let me ask you, what is your favorite movie?

Dylan: Big Daddy!!

Cole: Big Daddy.

Mrs. Langman: What are some funny things that you and Adam did in the movie?


Dylan: Peed. Peed on a wall. Peed on a tree.

Cole: I know what was...funny.

Mrs. Langman: What was funny?

Cole: Throwing! These little......... tiny...........snappy things at everybody's shoes like cht cht cht cht cht cht! (He makes a sound from his mouth)

Dylan: And they blow up.

Cole: Cht..cht..cht...

Dylan: Boom!

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