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Jay Leno Interview

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Jay Leno: Today our first guest is two twins who go by the name of Cole and Dylan Sprouse making their first feature film debut in Big Daddy with Adam Sandler! Come out Cole and Dylan! They're acting veterans!

(Cole and Dylan walk out, waving. They shake hands and then sit down.

Cole: Hi.

Jay Leno: Hey, Dylan.

Cole: I'm Cole!

(Dylan laughs)

Jay Leno: (laughs) ohhh! Im sooo sorry! Let's start over! Hey Cole!

Cole: Hey Mr. Leno!

Jay Leno: Call me, Jay, please!

Cole: Hi Jay please!

(Everyone laughs including the audience.)

Jay Leno: And how are you guys today?

Cole and Dylan: Good.

Jay Leno: Wonderful, now tell me about Big Daddy and the character that you play.

Dylan: He's an orphan...named Julian.

Jay Leno: Is that all?

Jay Leno: (Laughs) Well that doesn't sound very INTERESTING!

Cole: (Laughing) Adam Sandler adopts him......

Dylan: But he knew that Julian was Jon Stewart's son.

Jay Leno: Now we're getting somewhere!!

(Everyone laughs)

Jay Leno: What was Adam Sandler like to your mother, how did she react when she met the comedian?

Dylan: My mom likes him. She says he's a funny guy. And he is. He's like a kid. Because he acts like one.

Jay Leno: He's not acting! He is already like that! (Laughing) No...Adam Sandler is a great guy, just great. He's a wonderful guy.. So what does your dad say about him?

Dylan: My......(hesitates) mom's boyfriend, he thinks that he's..

Cole: Funny

Dylan: Yes, mostly everyone thinks he's a funny guy.

Jay Leno: Do you guys ever switch places?

Cole: We don't anymore.

Jay Leno: Not anymore?

Dylan: We did at camp. But that was recently. And before that we never switched places. And not anymore we will never again because my brother got in trouble. I did not. At least I wouldn't call it trouble.

Cole: But I got in big trouble after that.

Jay Leno: So, what was it like working with Joey Lauren Adams? I heard...I heard that Adam Sandler and Joey Lauren Adams have had a very...a very solid friendship for about four years?

Cole: Yes, she...she knew him more than us.

Jay Leno: Oh-

Cole: Longer...I mean.

Dylan: Yeah.

Jay Leno: So.....!

(Cole looks at Leno with a weird look.)

Jay Leno: (Laughs at Cole's look.) So, is there a feature that can help us tell you guys apart?

Cole: Two.

Dylan: I have freckles on my nose.

Jay Leno: And you've got a mole right Cole? Hey that rhymes!

Jay Leno: Yea, I think I can see them from here! (He jokes.)

(Cole and Dylan laugh)

Dylan: And....Cole does have a small mole. But it's hard to see.

Cole: Yea. (Turns his head and camera zooms in on both of them.)

Jay Leno: So, you guys like the rock group Hanson?

Cole: Girl Power!

Jay Leno: (Laughs hard) What about N'Sync?

Dylan: Not really.

Cole: Nope.

Jay Leno: I heard you guys like the Beastie Boys and Britney Spears?

Cole: Yes. And Neil Young. He is my idol! He's excellent.

Jay Leno: What about....... that really great guy......with the Late Night show...kinda like mine......I forgot his name.....(looking up tapping his chin with his finger.) Uhh... Oh yeah! Jay Leno!?

(Cole and Dylan smile and laugh.)

Jay Leno: Because... I heard he was a great fan of two twins......named Cole and Dylan Sprouse!!

Cole: They have good names.

Jay Leno: (Laughing as he talks) Yea they do!

Jay Leno: So guys when do you begin school again? Are you nervous?

Dylan: I am, I have never been so nervous before.

Cole: In sometime....that's....before.

Jay Leno: Hmm..

Dylan: Yup..

Cole: That's the same class.

Dylan: Cole, what are you talking about?

Cole: That we're going to be in the same class this year.. and we're being...we're being...

Dylan: Shipped?

Cole: It's not that's not's um... um.. um...

Jay Leno:.....................transferred? (Looking at Cole as if he should have known it.)

(Cole and Dylan laugh)

Cole: Yes! We're gonna be trans-ferred. (Sounds out the word.)

Jay Leno: I seeeeeeee.........

Jay Leno: What grade guys?

Dylan: The second, and it's um...uh's uh, not registered for a school yet.

Jay Leno: Ya know, when I was in school people .....they picked on me!! (Says with that eyebrow look.)

Dylan: What did you do about it?

Jay Leno: I cried like a big fat baby.

(Cole and Dylan laugh.)

Jay Leno: And I told my mommy. But she said 'Oh well'...... but over the years...I got over it.

Cole: Ohh.

Jay Leno: So, I read in the description I get in the first part of my show...any way I read that you guys hate girls?

Cole: Not hate...they're just SICK!


Jay Leno: Sick? They're sick? Why are they sick? Coodies?

Cole: Adam says love stinks.

Jay Leno: That's just something ugly people say! No offense, Adam.

Cole: Do you say it?

Jay Leno: Unfotunately, yes! Haha! I'm just kidding with ya! I'm sure, Adam Sandler has a great girlfriend, that there...uh... Hooters girl... (looking down at the desk and kinda shooing the camera away.)

Cole: Does that make me ugly?

Jay Leno: Of course not!

Cole: Good.

Dylan: Cole! It doesn't matter. If you're cute because girls think you're cute. And girls are sick.

Jay Leno: What about..........your neighbor? Erika? I read you hang out with her...

Cole: But...she dresses like a boy and acts like one.

Dylan: She's a tom-boy.

Jay Leno: Well then, she is still a girl! But we have to go to a commercial, Nice talking with you guys!

(Commercial Runs)


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